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Rust: Cargo Ship Guide (Walkthrough & Rewards)

To loot the freighter in Rust, players will need high-level weapons and gear, including a vehicle to reach the mobile monument on the water.

The freighter, also known as “CCSC Lazarus”, is a mobile monument located in Rust which spawns every 2-4 in-game days and circles the ocean portion of the world map. The huge freighter is guarded by at least twelve heavily armed blue scientists. These onboard fighters possess shotguns, SMGs, and even assault rifles, collectively making them one of the most formidable NPC threats around. Rust. Therefore, the freighter is going to be an endgame attempt and should not be attempted by novice or under-equipped survivors.

Scientists aren’t the only danger when exploring the freighter. Other well-equipped players will likely attack the ship to compete for high-level loot. After all, this mobile monument is a treasure trove filled with weapons, explosives, valuable components and much more. Therefore, those looking to loot the freighter should always be prepared for tough PvP encounters in Rust.


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To reach the freighter in Rust, players will first need a vehicle to cross open water. The two main options for this company are the helicopter and boat variants. Scrap Transport Helicopters, commonly referred to as “Scrap Helis”, can be purchased from the Bandit Camp for ×1250 Scrap. Boats are the cheapest option and can be obtained from a Boat Vendor found in the fishing villages of Rust. Players can purchase Rowboats for Scrap×200 and RHIB for Scrap×400. Both types of vehicles require low-grade fuel, a resource obtained from loot or crafting random crates.

How to finish the freighter in rust

Rust How to complete the freighter

Unlike the standard Rust Monuments, the Freighter includes locked crates which, when activated, will begin a 15 minute countdown. Once the timer runs out, the box will unlock, exposing an assortment of high-level components and gear. Multiple locked crates can spawn both on deck and inside the freighter. Each time one of these unique containers spawns, the freighter honks. Additionally, the crate icon will appear on the game map and remain until it is looted.

While Rust players wait for timed crates to unlock, they can find various base and military containers inside and outside the ship. Although this activity can be done solo in Rust, it is highly recommended to have friends or team up with another survivor to gather all the loot quickly. Once the freighter is ready to leave the map, it will sound a loud siren, indicating that the radiation levels will rapidly increase to deadly levels. Meanwhile, players must make a quick escape using their helicopter or lifeboat located on the back of the freighter.

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Rust is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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