Fishing skills

Sabrena showed her leadership and listening skills during the redistricting

Without a doubt, County Commission Chair Sabrena Smedley is the most qualified leader to be our next Hamilton County Mayor.

Sabrena’s business acumen and strong leadership were at the forefront as she led the Hamilton County Commission and citizens through redistribution last fall.

She listened to Red Bank’s wishes to be placed in one county district, instead of two or three, as in the past.

She really heard me when I explained why this was important not just for Red Bank, but for all the small municipalities in Hamilton County.

She listened to all citizens and their concerns during countless meetings, without missing a beat.

Sabrena embodies honesty, integrity, fairness and thoughtfulness. During her tenure on the County Commission, she remained humble, accountable and transparent.

Sabrena will use all of her leadership skills to listen to us; her record shows that she puts people first.

Good leaders: listen, pray and serve.

Sabrena not only shows up, she listens, she prays and she gets the job done.

Experience matters.

Join me in supporting and voting for Sabrena for Mayor of Hamilton County.

Ed LeCompte

Commissioner of the Red Bank