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Saline County Fair Youth Activity Final Results

Written by Chelsea Corkins/Specialist in 4-H saline solutions

The remaining results for the 2022 Saline County Fair held July 9-17 are as follows:

Pork: CPS Gilt Champion – Carson Price, Reserve Champion – Keegan Brewer; NSR Gilt Champion – Charlot Thornton, Reserve Champion – Carson Price; Champion Dark Cross Gilt – Emma Sims, Reserve Champion – Carson Price; Light Cross Gilt Champion – Cole Murphy, Reserve Champion – Keelee Price; Grand Champion Gilt – Cole Murphy, Reserve Grand Champion Gilt – Emma Sims; CPS Hog Champion – Kaden Sims, Reserve Champion – Jarret Fuehring; NSR Hog Champion – Emma Sims, Reserve Grand – Tylea Collins; Dark Cross Hog Champion – Dylan Hayworth, Reserve Champion – Ty Murphy; Light Cross Hog Champion – Carson Price, Reserve Champion – Kendall Brewer; Grand Champion Pork – Dylan Hayworth, Reserve Grand Champion Pork – Ty Murphy; Junior Showmanship – Kaden Sims, Intermediate – Keelee Price, Senior – Emma Sims.

Cattle: Market Grand Champion Beef — Avery Schroeder, Reserve Champion Steer — Kaden Sims; Women’s Grand Champion — Ty Murphy, Reserve Women’s Grand Champion — Cole Murphy; Crossbred Champion – Cole Murphy, Reserve Champion – Bailey Riley; Champion Shorthorn Plus—Avery Schroeder; Red Angus Champion – Charlie Tyre, Reserve Champion – Tate Malter; Simmental Solution Champion – Wyatt Tyre, Reserve Champion Brody Kueker; Simmental Champion – Addison Durham, Reserve Champion Bennett Kueker; Champion Saler Optimizer – Kaileen Dohrman, Reserve Champion Tanner Dohrman; Champion Hereford—Ty Murphy, Reserve Champion—Kerrigan Page; Champion Chi – Kenn Lemmon, Reserve Champion – Azlann Buck; Charolais Composite Champion Jaden Riley; Champion Angus – Tate Malter, Reserve Champion – Tate Malter; Champion Bull – Melanie Durham; Junior Showmanship – Owen Schroeder, Intermediate – Avery Schroeder, Senior – Kaileen Dohrman.

Brownfield Youth in Ag 2022 Saline County — Sophie Bolzer.

Strengths of the horse: Junior — Telynn Shaw, Intermediate — Kamryn Hedrick, Senior — Sophia Bolser; Highest overall – Kamryn Hedrick, 2nd overall – Telynn Shaw.

Bailey Horse Sportsmanship Award — Karlea Bolser.

Cattle judging: Boys 8-14 – 1st Bennett Kueker, 2nd Jack Dowell, 3rd Avery Schroeder, 4th Kaden Sims, 5th Troy Mullins; Boys 15-21 – 1st Dylan Hayworth, 2nd Jared Coyer, 3rd Keegan Brewer, 4th Tate Malter; Girls 8-14 – 1st Azlann Buck, 2nd Braelyn Johnson, 3rd Jillian Vogelsmeier, 4th Aleigha Thomas, 5th Addison Durham; Girls 15-21 – 1st Moly Malter, 2nd Kenna Lemmon, 3rd McKenzie Dowell, 4th Sophia Bolser, 5th Lauren King.

Round robin: Junior – Champion Kaden Sims, Reserve Braelyn Johnson, 3rd Charlot Thornton, 4th Tylea Collins, 5th Owen Schroeder; Intermediate – Champion Joanna Rhea, Reserve Ty Murphy, 3rd Jillian Vogelsmeier, 4th Keelee Price, 5th Avery Schroeder; Senior – Champion DeLana Vogelsmeier, Reserve Emma Sims, 3rd Kenna Lemmon, 4th Sophia Bolser, 5th Dylan Hayworth; Overall Champion DeLana Vogelsmeier, Overall Reserve Joanna Rhea.

Backyard Olympics: 1st Cooper Rugen High School, 2nd Jackson Mullins, 3rd Hunter Browning; Grades 7 and 8 – 1st (tie) Grace Pointer and Jacob Christy, 3rd Ella Hall; Grade 6 and under – 1st Kaden Sims, 2nd Maxon Sims, 3rd Calahan Brandt.

Exhibitor Poultry High Point, sponsored by Gerry and Kris Snapp —Brodey Bartlett.

Outstanding FFA Chapter Award, sponsored by the Saline County Farm Bureau — Fresh springs

Exhibition Grand Champion FFA —Dalyn Johnson.

4-H Best in Show Awards: 8th: Tylea Collins, succulent arrangement, 7th: Kamryn Hedrick, Horse Diamond Painting, 6th: Hannah Griggs, Jean Tote Bag, 5th: Brodey Bartlett, Chicken Wire Sun Catcher, 4th: Andrea Gooden, Dramatic Interpretation Outfit, 3rd: Hunter Browning, Bottle Bar, 2nd: Nikki Gooden, RWB Quilt, 1st: Cooper Rugen, wooden fishing rod holder.

Johnny Page Memorial Beef Award — Bailey Riley.

Traveling Cattle Trophy —Tate Malter.

Highlight of the versatile exhibition: Male—Benjamin Kruger; Wife – Addison Livengood.

Cattle Exhibit Highlight: Male—Bricen Vogel; Wife – Hannah Browning.

Overall highlight of the fair: Male – Brodey Bartlett; Woman — Bailee Vogel.

Names of rewards from other event categories have been printed in The Marshall Democrat-News edition on Wednesday July 27.

For questions about 4-H, the fair, or other agriculture-related topics, contact the Saline County Extension Office at or 660-886-6908. Residents can also visit the SalineCountyNWMissouri4H Facebook page.

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