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Starting a Hunting Guide Service Business

Many avid hunters who have several years of experience in big or small game hunting tend to take their passion one step further, and that is by starting their own independent hunting guide service business.

However, it is essential to consider that starting a hunting guide business differs from just going on a solo bi-monthly hunting adventure.

For example, as a hunter, you can effortlessly search for the most suitable rifle scopes for your firearms by browsing a trustworthy review blog like While on the other hand, you have to think and act differently when taking a whole group with you on a hunting trip.

You must consider the needs of each member of the group and at the same time give them proper advice on which accessory or gadget will suit them best.

If you are wondering how to start a hunting guide service business, we have mentioned everything you need to know in this article. Continue reading!

What is a hunting guide services business?

As a hunting guide, you are expected to be involved in different activities as listed below.

  • Plan and organize hunting trips for your clients.
  • Find an area suitable for the type of game you will be hunting with your clients.
  • You may also need to provide hunting gear for your party members.
  • Help your group members package their game.
  • Arrange accommodation and meals for your clients.
  • Educate group members on the use of different types of hunting gear.

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How to start a hunting guide service business?

Now that you know what it’s like to be a hunting guide, there are several things you need to be familiar with to start and skyrocket your hunting guide services business as mentioned below.

1. Start with a business plan

This step is crucial for the success of any type of business. Without long and short term business goals, your business will not be able to survive. In order to achieve your goals, you need to come up with the right strategy to avoid loss of resources or failure of your hunting guide business.

Whether you have expansion plans in mind or want to offer several new services to your customers, develop a strategy to achieve these goals. This will help you allocate your resources correctly and increase the chances of your business succeeding.

Here you also have to start small. Do not unnecessarily hire several employees to take care of your business. Instead, try to manage the functions on your own as you venture into the industry.

2. Look for specific requirements in your state

You definitely don’t want to run your hunting guide business illegally and run into several problems down the road. Therefore, it is essential to visit your state’s wildlife agency in person or visit their website online.

Almost every country’s wildlife agency sets out specific requirements for you to own and operate your hunting guide services business. You may need to obtain a license, and some states even require you to join specific associations.

3. Secure land rights for hunting

Again, you can’t hunt on land without buying its rights. For your hunting guide activity, you can either buy private rental property or hunt on state property.

Here you also need to assess the competition you will have from different outfitters or hunting companies. Better to crisscross the area and meet the locals to have a better knowledge of the competition and the terrain.

In addition to this, it is essential to keep in mind that the terrain in which you want to invest depends on the type of game you intend to hunt for your business.

For example, you cannot buy a wetland for deer hunting. Instead, you’ll be looking for wooded areas.

4. Improve your skills

If you want to exceed your customers’ expectations, you need to work on your soft skills. These skills will increase your business goodwill, so you can grow your business for the long term.

Some of the soft skills you can work on are:

communication skills – You must be able to communicate effectively with the different members of the group. You also need to be able to teach them tricks quickly and patiently. This will satisfy everyone in your party.

First aid skills – When you go hunting, you never know what you have to face. A lot of group members equals a lot of responsibility. In case someone is injured or poisoned by a snake, you need to know how to treat it without making it worse.

Organization skills – As a hunting guide, you are expected to deal with several issues at once. From planning a hunting trip itinerary and organizing gun gear to preparing meals and harvesting games, you need to make sure you can plan and execute it all in a snap. eye without causing any inconvenience to your team members.

5. Enroll in an outfitting school

Hunting guides or outfitting schools are great for getting you started in your hunting guide service business in no time. They guide you on different issues to start your business, such as safety precautions, best hunting practices, national regulations and other legal issues.

Although some states do not deem it mandatory to take a course, you should still take these courses to make yourself an expert hunting guide. You can find a variety of guide schools depending on the primary game for your hunting business, such as a bear, fishing, or deer guide school.

So do your research and enroll in a guiding school accordingly.

6. Firearms Expertise

How can you paint a canvas perfectly without the right kinds of brushes? The same is true for hunting. The type of firearms, accessories and gadgets that you use or recommend to your clients can make or break a hunt.

Therefore, you must be well trained in the use of different types of firearms and equipment. It will also allow you to give great advice to your team members. Also, you should not overlook the importance of gun safety as this will avoid any mishaps during the hunting trip.