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Summer Beauty, Lifestyle & Food Gift Guide

For anyone in need of birthday, anniversary, wedding and other gifts, here’s a guide to what’s hot this summer.

Beautiful libations

Tea Forte Tea on Ice

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Fancy a delicious iced tea? Tea Forte’s Tea Over Ice Iced Infusion System is perfect for refreshing iced tea, brewed and chilled moments before drinking, $48 at

Bokksu tea box

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Bokksu’s Premium Tea Box includes a variety of Japanese teas ranging from matcha to hojicha. Enjoy green tea, matcha tea and hojicha teas in one box, also includes a lovely green tea mug, $84.95 at

Everyday coffee and tea

Everyday People Coffee and Tea produces dozens of ethically sourced and sustainably grown coffees and teas, all delicious, coffees are $20.99 a bag, teas are $15.50 a bag at https://

Devil’s Foot Ginger Beer

This ginger beer contains less sugar than most and is made with fresh organic ginger root and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Cans are available in classic and fuego (stronger ginger heat) flavors, $42 for case of 24 at

High sake

This all-natural, gluten-free drink is made with premium Junmai sake, rice, water, yeast, and koji. Brewed in Kyoto, it pairs well with summer barbecue, pizza and seafood, $19.99 for four cans at liquor stores.

Corvo Colomba Platinum

This refreshing white wine is bright with citrus and has a light and crisp finish, the tasting notes are fruity with grapefruit, melon and tropical fruits, pairs well with cheese and dessert, $18.99 at https ://

rose gold wine

This classic dry Rosé de Provence is pink in color with rich fresh fruit aromas, $20.99 at

El Cristiano Tequila

El Cristiano Tequila makes exceptionally good tequilas, including silver, reposado, anejo extra, anejo and reposado XR, perfect for summer cocktails by the pool, $45 and more on Instacart .

Vineyards Mascota Unanimous Pinot Noir

This subtle and delicate pinot noir has aromas of strawberry and lemon with a medium body of candied fruit and spice, perfect with beef, chicken or veal $25.99 at .

With Vento Castello Del Terriccio

This Italian Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for sipping or with summer dishes, with notes of apricot and peach, pairs well with pasta and fish, $43.22 at .

Florio Vecchioflorio Marsala Superiore

This Marsala with notes of raisins and vanilla is perfect with fish, chicken and cheese, $11.99 at

Bread and Butter Wines

This Napa winery makes excellent rosés, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay perfect for summer sipping, prices vary at

Ott Domains BY.OTT Pink

This rosé evokes white peach, passion and mango and tastes full and fresh, $27.99 at

Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

This premium whiskey is made from aged double distilled spirits aged in deeply charred oak barrels producing aromatic notes of charred wood and deep spice, $47.99 at .

Cosmetics, hair and body care

SNOW teeth whitening

Make your teeth whiter in just 9 minutes a day with SNOW’s Home Teeth Whitening Kit. Includes over 75 treatments that will erase stains in as little as 3 days, $149. SNOW also offers LED electric toothbrushes and magic whitening strips and powders, all at

Monograph Cosmetics Lipstick and Eyeshadow Portfolios

Makeup lovers will love Monograph’s lipstick and eyeshadow collections. 16 lipsticks with creamy satin finishes in a variety of shades, all blendable to create new shades, $200.

Their quadruple eyeshadow portfolio includes 8 powder eyeshadows with a total of 32 pressed powder eyeshadows that blend easily, $200 at

Fluid Makeup

Designed for all genders and skin tones, Fluide makes a variety of eye glitter, eye shadow, and liner; brow gels, mascaras and lip glosses, sticks and shadows, prices vary at

Select Essentials Grape Ape

This Indica-dominant hybrid offers a sweet grape flavor and long-lasting medicinal effects, perfect for relieving summer sunburn, $18 at most dispensaries.

Beia Hydrating Mist

Beia Hydrating Mist soothes stressed skin with aloe and green tea while revitalizing elasticity and radiance, $48 at

Inala hair care

Inala’s Rice Water Infused Treatments leave hair soft, shiny and strong, $30 at

Something for the Fashionista

St. Elise Bazaar

Looking for a unique dress, jewellery, scarf or accessory? St. Elise Bazaar offers one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, prices vary at

Green Love Sustainable Clothing

This fashion brand develops its own durable, soft and long-lasting fabrics. They include a wide variety of dresses, pants, tops, t-shirts, shorts and loungewear, prices vary, at

Customizable pair of glasses

Pair has partnered with Coca-Cola to produce Magnetic Frames and Top Frames that allow wearers to change glasses with every mood, the limited edition is perfect for sipping on a refreshing Coke.

Pure Enrichment Pure Relief Cordless Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

This cordless neck and shoulder heating pad has four heat settings to soothe sore muscles. Easy-to-close magnetic closures ensure the pillow takes the strain off the neck and shoulder areas, $59.99 at

Municipal clothing

Municipal, a clothing brand by Mark Wahlberg, makes fashionable t-shirts, shorts, pants and polo shirts perfect for lounging, hanging out or working out, prices vary at

Woodzee Sunglasses

Woodzee makes stylish sunglasses made from recycled paper packaging, skateboard decks and plant-based natural plastics, 50%+ at

For the foodie

Make This Tonight: Recipes for Dinner on the Table Cookbook by Tastemade

This cookbook with over 100 recipes inspired by cuisines around the world gets dinner on the table fast, $18.90 at

Sour Punch Bites, Straws & Twists

Get a splash of flavor with Sour Punch’s new Summer Box, featuring new bites, straws, and twists, $19.99 at

Sanniti olives and olive oils

Sanniti Castelvetrano olives are green olives with a mild buttery flavor and a crunchy bite. Try their Feta, Almond, Truffle Cheese and Lemon Stuffed Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, prices vary, all at

Snack Shopify

Shopify has great snack products including Junita’s Jar cookies, Smart Sweets gummy bears and gummies, Unreal snacks offering healthier candy options and they also offer Nguyen coffee, a specialty Vietnamese coffee, all on

Imperia caviar

Elevate breakfast with a dollop of Imperia caviar on your scrambled eggs or pair it with baked potatoes, fish or pasta for a luxurious dinner. This caviar is sourced directly from customers from sustainable farms and features a buttery Kaluga sturgeon hybrid and a brackish ossetra king sturgeon caviar with hazelnuts. Also delicious on their own, $169 at

Seasoning in spice mode

Heat up summer dishes with a variety of bold Indian flavors with Spice Mode’s curry sauces and seasonings, prices vary at

Meal Factor

Factor Meals makes it easy to eat healthy with their chef-prepared meals delivered right to your door, then heat them up and eat them, 6 meals a week for $12.83 per meal at https://www.factor75. com.

At Jack and Annie’s

This range of meals with jackfruit as the main ingredient are full of protein with less fat than meat and are plant-based, prices vary at

Rao’s sauces

Rao’s makes healthy and delicious pasta sauces and delicious soups along with their new limited supply food products including balsamic condiments, olive oils, spreads, olives and special sauces, prices vary on

For the homebody

cozy earth

Cozy Earth provides very comfortable sheets, comforters, pajamas and loungewear. Each item is made from viscose from bamboo fabric providing moisture wicking and the perfect sleeping temperature. Sheet sets $319, at

Fernweh Candles

Warm your home with these hand-poured soy candles made in recyclable amber glass jars, $15 at

Sensitive Home Cleaners

These people-safe surface cleaners, laundry detergents and dish soaps will keep you and your home safe and non-toxic, made with plant-based ingredients, prices vary, at https://sensitivehome .com.

Delilah napkins

Delilan makes a variety of 100% cotton towels for your summer bath, kitchen and beach outings. The towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton and result in luxurious and fluffy towels. They also make sheets and pool towels, prices vary on

For tech

Solo by SideTrak

This 15.8-inch touchscreen monitor provides an additional stand-alone monitor for professional or personal zoom time. The touchscreen allows users to easily navigate through tabs, documents, and fields with the touch of a finger, $399.99 at

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