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Tennessee Waterways stocked with cutthroat trout by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - TWRAMorristown, Tennessee – For the first time since the 1960s, cutthroat trout are stocked in Tennessee waterways to provide anglers with the opportunity to catch a different species of trout in a few places.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 2,550 cutthroat trout were released in the upper portion of Fort Patrick Henry Reservoir on the Holston River below Boone Dam. Last week, 3,000 cutthroats were also stored in the Hiwassee River, and 2,250 more are expected to be released into Tims Ford’s tailwaters on the Elk River in the coming months.

These cutthroats are from the Snake River fine spot cutthroat trout strain and were provided through a partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The fish were hatched and reared at the Dale Hollow National Hatchery and were recently transferred to the TWRA Flintville Hatchery. Hatchery trucks delivered the fish to the TWRA Smith Shoals Access Area where they were released into the Holston River by wildlife technicians and fishery biologists. On the Hiwassee River, they were stored in several places in the delayed harvest section of the river.

Cutthroat trout regulations at Boone and Tims Ford fall under statewide regulation of the daily limit of 7 creel trout in combination with other trout species and with no minimum length limit.

Currently, the cutthroats on the Hiwassee River from the Appalachian Power Station downstream to the L&N Rail Bridge fall under the deferred harvest regulation and must be cleared. However, from March 1 to September 30, there will be a daily creel limit of 7 trout in combination with other trout species and no minimum length limit.

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