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This Miami Deli, With “The Jewban” on the Menu, Earns Michelin Guide Honors and Makes List of Best Jewish Delis in the United States | Way of life

South Florida is home to the third-largest Jewish population in the United States — behind New York and Los Angeles — so it’s only natural that a list of the best Jewish Delis in the United States would include a location in Miami.

But it’s just not just any Jewish deli. Miami’s entry on the list is on the prestigious Michelin Guide with a menu that very much reflects the multiculturalism found in South Florida, with entrees such as “Lobster Jewchachos” complete with a combination of mole and lobster and “The Jewban”, a take on the Cuban sandwich, adding a layer of pastrami with pork tenderloin and ham

But according to the TastingTable website, Josh’s Deli, located on Harding Avenue in Surfside, owned and operated by chef Josh Marcus, also serves classic fare from your typical Jewish deli, including meats and fish cured and smoked on site. , a hand-cut corned beef sandwich, latkes and matzo ball soup.

TastingTable’s Top Delis list covers the cities where you’d expect to find Jewish delis and others that will surprise you.

The full list of the best Jewish Delis in the United States is as follows:

The delicatessen of Katz in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

Liebman Charcuterie in the Bronx, New York

– Frankel’s Delicatessen and Appetizing in the Williamsburg of Brooklyn, NYC

Delicatessen and Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio

Jacks Deli and Restaurant located on the East Side of Cleveland

Hymie’s Deli in Merion Station on Philadelphia Public Transportation, Philadelphia, PA, Main Line.

call your mother with multiple locations in the Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD area.

– Restaurant Charcuterie Langer, located in the Westlake neighborhood just west of Koreantown in Los Angeles, California.

– Hobby’s Deli in Newark, New Jersey.

– Wexler’s Deli with original location in downtown Los Angeles and also in Santa Monica, CA

Shapiro’s Charcuterie with two locations in Indianapolis, IN.

Manny’s Deli located on South Jefferson Street, Chicago, IL.

Zingerman Charcuterie in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

General Muir with three locations in Georgia, two in Atlanta and one in Sandy Springs.

Josh’s grocery store in Surfside, Florida.

Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen Restaurant in Houston, Texas.

West Deli Stage in Metro-Detroit, Michigan.

Delicatessen and restaurant Perly in Richmond, Virginia.

by Steingold in Chicago, Illinois.