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Tourism, fishing activities impacted after titanium plant oil spill into the sea, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld


Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): A glass furnace pipe from Travancore Titanium Products Ltd (TTP), a public sector unit manufacturing titanium dioxide, broke on Wednesday, causing a large oil spill in the sea and parts of the coastal area of ​​Thiruvananthapuram, after which tourism and fishing activities in the area were banned as a precaution.

Thiruvananthapuram district collector Navjot Khosa, who visited the area yesterday afternoon to assess the situation, said the situation was under control.

“There is no need to be afraid and as a precaution, tourism on the beaches of Veli, Vettukadu and Shankhumukham and sea fishing from these places have been banned for two days,” she said. declared.

The collector said the source of the oil spill was quickly identified and closed, preventing the oil from spreading to the sea on a large scale.

“Meanwhile, the State Pollution Control Board is carefully assessing the extent of the oil spill and the problems that will result from it. Collector who is also the head of the District Disaster Management Authority.

“Preliminary reports from the Coast Guard at high tide did not spill too much into the seas. However, the oil has spread along the coast. Apart from that, it is also mixed with the coastal soil,” he said. she declared.

The collector also said that the oily topsoil will soon be removed from the coastal area.

“Oil is now spilled from Vettukadu to Veli. This sand will be removed with JCB at the company’s own site and the oil will be neutralized with a petroleum neutralizer. The company has been strictly instructed to complete this promptly. first in densely populated areas. The collector said the Pollution Control Board is in talks with experts regarding the elimination of offshore oil spills, ”she added.

The disaster management authority also instructed the company to immediately remove the oil accumulated in the area that had spilled into the sea through the canal and to clean up the area. The collector was accompanied by officials from the Pollution Control Bureau and officials from the tax and police departments.

Meanwhile, fishermen in the area said scores of fish and sea turtles were found dead at the seaside.