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UK – Talent scarcity shows skills overhaul is needed: Guidant Global


07 October 2021

The skills shortage in the UK is proof that resource and skills strategies require a new approach, according to Guidant Global.

Simon Blockley, CEO of Guidant Global, said: “Beyond the headlines, talent shortages have a tangible impact both on our daily lives and on the economy at large: a scarcity of resources across the board. UK has an impact on everything from the availability of mattresses to fuel at service stations. “

“The reasons for this obvious shortage of candidates are, not surprisingly, complex,” Blockley added. “Insufficient talent pools, an exodus of workers from the EU after Brexit, remote working options opening up employment opportunities that were simply not available before Covid, and the fact that many professionals are are retrained or have changed industries to find work during the pandemic, all contributed to the current situation. However, many companies also struggle to recruit staff because they are looking for talent in the same small pond as their competition. But the point is, there just aren’t enough people to go around.

As the government continues to seek to change immigration rules to address the ever-growing resource shortage, Guidant argued that other key steps need to be taken to ease the pressure on talent pools.

These steps include:

  • Rethink IR35 approaches and eliminate the fear of making mistakes in determining a worker’s payroll
  • Remove strict role requirements where possible to broaden the range of potential new hires
  • Search outside the usual sectors and geographic areas for potential hires
  • Increase the use of non-permanent labor
  • Implement significant changes to diversity tactics to hire more diverse workers
  • Collaborate with partners and the entire talent supply chain to find innovative ways to engage new talent

“While approaches such as expanding the mandate of immigration visas to encourage more EU workers to return to the UK will likely have a positive impact, there is much more that can and should be done to support the resource challenges that almost all industries are experiencing, ”Blockley said. “The persistent fear of misclassifying an unpaid individual, for example, still prevents some employers from hiring legitimate subcontractors. This talent shortage is not going to go away anytime soon and it is important that employers take all possible steps to broaden their skills attraction strategies if they are to navigate in the coming months.