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For a number of people who enjoy fishing salmon around Campbell River, activity has slowed down, but people who caught fish in October will have salmon at the table.

For many, smoked salmon is a favorite during the holiday season and there is still a window of opportunity to go out and catch a wintery spring. A handful of local residents will venture out in December in good weather and even going out to set up crab and shrimp is still doable. Winter springs are present and staying close to shore can be a way to get a 14 pound Spring Salmon, and yes, plenty of undersized fish are present. Those who venture outside have managed to fish 200 feet of water and deeper around Willow Point.

At Kelsey Bay last week, the water between the wharf and Hardwicke Island was like glass and a number of whales were seen about 300 yards away. The kelp beds are located to the right of the dock and if you’re ready to go out, set up a rod as there are a number of plaice, rock fish, and salmon that can be hooked up. There is plenty of room to gear up and spend a few hours in the afternoon on sunny days.

The Salmon River is high and can drift at this time of year and depending on the level of rainwater it will turn from brown to dark green. All catches are taken and released in the river and good reports have been received for cutthroat trout, but no report for rainbow trout. Fly fishermen will go further to the Adam and Eve Rivers, but snow accumulations will hamper movement in the area during the winter months. Due to COVID-19, movement is restricted and social distancing is ordered and everyone must wear a face mask while stopping to refuel or go to a restaurant.

Since March we have been facing the COVID pandemic and it seems long and we are still wearing a face mask. Online shopping has taken off and the holiday season will be different this year. More and more people are staying at home and those who had planned to travel have already changed their plans.

For people who don’t go fishing, there are a number of new fishing books out there and some anglers might try to get into fly tying for the winter. I have a feature coming up on fly tying and new materials are available that are pretty easy to use. They are also easy on the paperback. I am in the process of preparing a number of packages of fly tying material and they will be distributed free of charge, with a pickup location to be determined.

Hopefully the windy days will wear off and I might have the chance to wet a few flies locally in the coming weeks. A few years ago, a sign was posted on Discovery Pier stating that Santa’s favorite salmon is a co ho ho. Whether you’re fishing for salmon or trout hopefully you can get out there and have fun in zone 13 or hike the many trails and cast a fly or a lure and spend some time fishing in the months to come while on vacation. .

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