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What V Rising Doesn’t Tell You – V Rising Wiki Guide

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to explore the vast open world of Vardoran or using unique vampire powers to increase your resistance to dangerous elements, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 18 things V Rising doesn’t or won’t tell you. not necessarily explain you very well. These handy tips and tricks will make your early game experience in V Rising much smoother and much more enjoyable.

18 Things V Rising Doesn’t Tell You


Quests are essential to your progress

Quests are essential to your progress and will unlock vital mechanics and features such as castles, abilities and building fundamentals you’ll need to progress through the game, such as the Blood Altar to hunt V Bloods, and walls and structures to make your base more safe from rival vampire clans and the scorching sun.

Accelerate resource gathering using the right tools

Resources that take time to obtain? Speed ​​up the resource gathering process by using the right tools.

  • swords have a greater effect on vegetation and thickets.
  • Axes have a greater effect on wood.
  • Masses have a greater effect on minerals and rocks.

Additionally, you can speed up the resource gathering process by positioning yourself between multiple types of resources. For example, if you position yourself close enough to a rock wall and a tree, you might be able to pull out both resources while swinging your tool.

Start gathering resources early in preparation for building important structures

As you progress through the game and unlock new craftable items, you’ll notice that your resources will quickly start to disappear, so get a head start by gathering as many resources as you can early on – you You can always place them in storage if your inventory starts filling up too quickly.

Destroy your surrounding environments for key materials

As you explore abandoned farms, you will encounter scarecrows. Destroying them will sometimes reward you with Plant Fibers and Planks. What’s handy about this is that boards are normally only available after they’ve been refined at a sawmill. So gathering these resources early will help you build a healthy stack, as planks are a very necessary material.

Loot enemy kills for passive resources

As you travel Vardoran’s many roads, you’ll often come across the loot of fallen enemies that NPCs or other players have slain. This is often an easy way to passively collect essential resources on your travels.


Avoid the northern regions on your first steps

When you’re first starting out, it’s highly recommended to avoid traveling too far into the northern regions, as the further you travel, the more difficult the enemies and V-blood carriers you’ll face.

Explore settlements and traders, but only after unlocking human form

As you begin to explore Vardoran, you will likely come across peddlers along the roads of Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. Unfortunately, these merchants are hostile when trying to trade them in vampire form.

Instead, you’ll need to activate the Vampire, Human Form power, which is unlocked by Level 38 V Bloodbearer Beatrice the Tailor. When Human Form is enabled, you will be able to sneak unnoticed through human settlements.

Don’t forget to stock up your resources before venturing into the open world

Before leaving your Castle, remember to put your items in storage chests. Not only will you lose your hard-earned resources in PvP, but returning to retrieve your items from your grave can quickly become a headache as Vampire Waygates cannot be used for fast travel when carrying resources and other key objects.

Plan your days around the evening hours

Although not always possible, try to gather resources and explore Vardoran mostly during the night hours. It’s a great way to avoid the dreaded sunlight that can make navigation quite difficult during the day. For this reason we recommend spending the majority of your day managing your castle as with stone walls built you will be shielded from the sunlight.

If you happen to get caught off guard during the day, don’t panic and simply return to your castle, traveling between the shadows cast on the ground. As the day/night cycle is dynamic, you’ll need to be wary of shifting shadows, so be sure to use your movement ability to make those dashes between shadows much safer.


Mitigate the effects of the sun with potions and armor

Although there is no complete protection from the sun, certain crafting structures can be used to create potions and equipment that provide increased resistance to elements such as sun, garlic, silver , fire and the sacred.

In order to craft potions, you will need to defeat Clive the Firestarter, who will reward you with the blueprint needed to craft an alchemy table. While the Tailoring Bench, which is unlocked after defeating Quincy the Bandit King, can be used to craft armor and capes that increase your resistance to the elements.

Use vampire powers to transform into different creatures

Unlocking different vampire powers such as bear form and wolf form can greatly increase your resistance to certain elements and even increase your movement speed. This can make traveling easier but also safer during the day. Vampire powers can be obtained by defeating carriers of V blood.

Not only will these transformations make your life easier, but forms like the bear will allow you to transform into powerful creatures capable of destroying massive resources. Additionally, the bear also has a powerful buff that allows you to reduce damage taken, making it ideal for taking on some of the toughest enemies you will face in the northern regions.

While the bat form is unlocked after defeating one of the toughest enemies in the game, Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer (76), this form is most ideal for traversing Vardoran as it allows you to fly high in the airs, to cross large hills and lakes with ease.

Don’t be caught off guard, enemies have great roaming patterns

When exploring human settlements such as farms, beware of roving guards who occasionally check the grounds.


Hide in Hale Bales to avoid being seen

Caught in the sun or do you need a place to hide from your enemies? Approach the piles of hay that you often find in the fields to hide inside.

Don’t stray too far from V blood carriers and enemies

Avoid getting too far away from V-blood carriers and enemies, as once they leave your screen, their health will be fully replenished. However, note that while some enemies and V-blood carriers will follow you for some distance, they will eventually return to their primary roaming area, which will also see them regain full health.

Don’t forget to repair your armor and weapons

Before leaving your castle or engaging in combat, be sure to investigate both your weapons and armor for any durability issues. If they’re weak, it’s best to fix them to make sure they’re still working at their best.

How to repair your armor and weapons

Repairing your armor in V Rising is quite simple as all you have to do is go to your Character tab and hover over the weapon or piece of armor you want to repair. In the info box that appears when you hover over objects, you’ll find a stat called Durability, followed by several numbers indicating its strength. If the item is not at 100% durability, you can repair it by pressing the middle mouse button (scroll wheel), if you have the necessary items to repair it.

Be a master of all weapons and abilities

Use all of your weapons during combat, as sticking to one type of weapon will put you at a disadvantage. Performing combinations with your mace and crossbow will allow you to attack enemies from afar, especially those with fairly powerful close-range attacks that you may not be fully equipped to handle at first.

Avoid Waygate travel limitations by using the cave passages

In addition to Vampire Waygates, Cave Passages are another method that can be used to fast travel through the regions of Vardoran. What differentiates the two methods is that Cave Passages allows you to fast travel with resources and loot in your inventory, which cannot be done with Vampire Waygates.


To find cave passages, look for glowing red cracks found on the side of rock walls. Then press and hold F to cycle through the cave system as you approach the bright space.

Defeat V Blood Carries to unlock essential items

While you don’t have access to a crossbow directly, you can unlock the necessary crafting recipe by defeating one of V Blood’s first bosses, Rufus the Foreman. Additionally, Rufus will also unlock the Fishing Rod which will allow you to catch fish in lakes and streams. Fishing will be vital in the late game, as fish oil is an essential resource that is quite difficult to exploit effectively.

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